GVF Training Membership

As a member, you get:

  • Access to over 25 in-depth technical courses specializing in all aspects of satellite communications. Browse the list here.
  • All certification exams (Note: required on-site prerequisites such as Hands On Skills Tests are not included).
  • All recertification exams.
  • Continued access to any premium (non-subscription) courses that you were separately enrolled in.

GVF invites you to use the training program as an ongoing resource in your professional life and for your career development. To help, we offer an annual membership program which gives you access to almost all GVF courses at the very very low annual cost of US $449 – and discounts are available. If you ordered these courses individually, the cost would be over $5000!

How it works:

Enroll in your subscription yourself or through your organization. When you log in, you will see an annual membership curriculum in your courses list on your dashboard. Open the curriculum and launch the course you want to start or continue next! It’s that simple. (Note: some subscriptions courses and exams have prerequisites and are not shown in the curriculum. If you want to enroll in one of those, just email us at gvfsupport@satprof.com and we will get you enrolled by the next business day.)

A few things are not included in the Training Membership:

  • HOST and any other on-site classes or sessions. In most cases, you will contact the instructor directly to make arrangements for paying fees.
  • Certain premium courses. See the complete course catalog for details. You can purchase most of these directly from the shopping cart after you log in.
  • SBCA courses, such as for DirecTV. This program is provided by SatProf but it is not connected with GVF.

Ready to purchase a GVF Training Membership with a credit card?

Click here and get started right away! Check here if you are eligible for the Andrew Werth Scholarship.

Already a GVF student?

Use the same link to purchase an Training Membership.

Want to purchase an annual membership and pay with Western Union or wire transfer?

Email us at gvfsupport@satprof.com for further instructions.

Already have a subscription?

Log in, open your Training Membership and launch the course you want to start next. It’s that simple!

Want to order a block of seats for your organization and get a bulk discount?

Interested in a site license for your whole organization or department? Email us at gvfsupport@satprof.com and we’ll work with you to prepare a quotation.

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