Companion App Privacy Policy

Companion App Privacy Policy

Various device apps may be offered as adjuncts to GVF online learning courses.

To use these apps you may be required to be enrolled in the app’s associated GVF online course and that course must not be expired. Your GVF username and password will be required to verify your enrollment status in the GVF online learning system. Username and password are not shared with any third parties. Your student Terms Of Service continue to apply when you are using this app.

Apps used as antenna pointing aids require camera permission because they may display satellite pointing information overlaid on images from the device’s camera. The apps may also require position permission in order to calculate antenna pointing directions for you. In certain apps, camera images and position data may be included in antenna site survey reports that you may submit via the app and are delivered directly or via SatProf to the company that requires them. Other than enabling delivery of such reports, SatProf and GVF do not store app user images or locations, and do not share that information with other parties.

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