GVF503E Course Permissions

Application for permission to access training course GVF503E: SeaTel Marine VSAT Installation and Maintenance

By agreement with Sea Tel, Inc., before GVF may grant access to course GVF503E, each student must be cleared
by Sea Tel for U.S. export control restrictions. In addition, Sea Tel reserves the right to decline access
to the course to any student for business and/or competitive reasons. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY APPLIED AT ANY TIME IN THE PAST, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REAPPLY.

To apply for access, please fill out the following details:

All fields are required.

Please enter your firstname

Please enter your lastname

Please enter your full name as it appears on your passport

Please select “Yes” if US citizen.

Please enter your passport number.

Please enter your passport issuing country.

Please enter your job title or job description.

Please enter your employer or organization name.

Please enter your work address.

Please enter your city.

Please enter your state or province.

Please enter your zip or postal code.

Please enter your country.

Please enter your email.

Please enter your phone number.

By clicking Submit, you are making the following representations:

  1. I am the person listed in the form above, or I have been given explicit permission by that
    person to make all of the following representations.
  2. I give permission to Sea Tel Inc. to use the above information to determine if my access to
    training course GVF503E (“Course”) appears to be permitted under US export control law.
  3. I give permission to Sea Tel to use the above information to grant or deny access to the
  4. I understand that before I can access the course, I may also be to agree to a Non Disclosure
    Agreement with Sea Tel.
  5. I understand that if permission is granted by Sea Tel for access to GVF 503E, the tuition fee
    must also be paid to GVF or a purchase order accepted by GVF before I can access the course.
  6. I understand that completing only the online GVF 503E course does NOT grant any GVF or Sea Tel
    certification, and that a specific hands-on skills test may be for certification.
  7. I give permission to GVF to use the above information to establish the contact details in my GVF
    online training account.
  8. I understand that if I complete a GVF Certification, some or all of this information may be made
    available to the public via the GVF web site unless I elect not to be listed by choosing
    appropriate settings in my training account profile.

Check Agree if you agree with all of the the above.
If you do not agree with any of these statements, do not click SUBMIT.


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We are continuing to convert the remaining courses in the Training Membership throughout 2021.

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