Basic Satcom Professional Certification

  • Certification and recertification exam for GVF Basic Satcom Professional Certification.


The GVF Basic Satcom Professional Certification (GVF-CERT-SPB) demonstrates that you have the minimum skills to install a fixed VSAT terminal without causing excessive interference. It covers skills for choosing a site with line of sight, building a typical terminal with antenna, finding the satellite with a basic meter or modem, accurately pointing to minimize adjacent-satellite interference, correctly aligning for cross-pol, and terminating coaxial cables.

The GVF-CERT-SPB online course serves as the final exam, and the recertification exam, for GVF-CERT-SPB certification. To open this exam, you must have completed course GVF 510 Edition 2 and the Basic Hands On Skills Test (HOST-B).

If your certification has expired, take this exam to recertify, which will extend your certification for three years.

GVF Training Member? Email gvfsupport@satprof.com to request free enrollment in this exam.

Not a GVF Training Member? Purchase this exam and email support to request one-time 30-day extension of 510 ed2, if previously enrolled.

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